Ski Vacation

Tonight I am flying out of Boston to Geneva for about 12 days of skiing in the French Alps with my husband’s family. I loath these red-eye flights to Europe, as they turn me into a zombie with no fixed sense as to what my body is biologically craving. Sleep is not possible, so it seems to turn to food for energy. Before the next time I can sleep, I’ll probably eat 6 meals and some snacks. There will be bloating.

I woke up earlier than usual, my mind seizing on the impending journey at 5am and rousing me to my yoga room. I did 2 20-minute Shiva Rea vinyassa flows, savoring these last moments with a yoga DVD before my snowsports gluttony.

For breakfast, I pan-fried 1 pound of CSA ground beef that needs to be consumed before we leave. This will be my breakfast and lunch, with some salad at midday. I want to be well-fed before I board the plane so I won’t be tempted into eating whatever culinary concoction is served for dinner, although it is Air France so my chances of getting something edible aren’t bad.

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