An Introduction to Yoga and Meat

I like yoga. I’ve only been seriously practicing yoga for less than a year, but yoga has quickly become a positive force in my life — physically, mentally, and (at the risk of sounding dippy) spiritually. I do between 20 minutes and 90 minutes of yoga nearly every day. Before starting yoga, I was an avid cardio queen who regularly engaged in intense exercise sessions with the sole goal of burning as many calories as possible, under the belief that this was healthy. I ran, I did spinning, I plum wore myself out on elliptical machines, and guess what? It was wrecking havoc with my endocrine system, giving me constant musculoskeletal pain, and just generally making me an anxious, hungry bitch. I finally realized that, despite the current conventional thinking about regular vigorous exercise, I needed to slow down and not just mindlessly burn calories. I went to a yoga class at my gym and now I’m hooked.

I like meat. I’ve only been seriously eating meat for less than a year, but meat has quickly become a positive force in my life — physically, mentally, and (at the risk of sounding dippy) spiritually. Meat is a big part of my diet; I eat roughly 3/4 pound to 1 pound (or more) of meat, poultry, and/or fish every day. Before I ate meat, I was a vegetarian from the age of 14 until about 25, when I began adding fish into my diet for protein. Then, needing variety, I started eating poultry, and then, a few years ago, I start eating beef. Finally, last year at age 32, I took the pork plunge. But it was only this year that I really began to enjoy eating meat, to see it as an essential part of my humanness and not a dirty, unhealthy habit. For one thing, my health was failing under my grain-based diet. I was metabolically deranged and in danger of becoming diabetic. I decided to try a grain-free, low-carb diet and my health was transformed overnight.

I started this blog to more thoroughly explore my dualing interest in yoga and meat, both together and separately. What does it mean to be a mostly-carnivorous yogi who escews whole grains in favor of fatty pork chops? Why is this viewed as a paradoxical lifestyle? Are there others out there like me, who love to rip into a grass-fed hamburger patty after a 90-minute vinyassa flow practice? This blog will also chronicle my evolving day-to-day interests in a meat-based yogic existence.