Why is Yoga So Expensive?

I was initially excited to hear the Yoga Journal would be holding a conference in Boston April 6-11. How inspiring it would be to immerse myself in yoga for 1 or 2 weekend days? Well, it would be totally inspiring… and totally expensive. According to the pricing info, a weekend pass is $495, and a one-day pass for Sat or Sun is $285. And no, that doesn’t include meals, lodging, spa treatments, or a personal concierge.

Why are all the cool yoga events and retreats so expensive? I would love to take a trip to the Kripalu Center in Western Mass., but most of the weekend events run upwards of $400 (room and board included).

I can appreciate that it costs money to put together conferences and to run a yoga center, but … why aren’t there more cheap, accessible yoga retreats that focus on instruction and community, not luxury or big-name speakers?

There are a series of special events that are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, so maybe I’ll go hang out  in Back Bay and try to assert my way into a community yoga class (description:

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